Chair and Table Massage



Deep Tissue


Hot Stone Therapy

Pregnancy Massage

Benefits of Massage

Enhancing general relaxation
Reducing muscular tension and associated discomfort
Reducing anxiety
Improving sleep
Increasing feelings of well-being
Enhancing tissue elasticity and flexibility
Increasing range of motion in joints
Relaxing tight muscles
Relieving muscle aches and stiffness
Speeding recovery from exercise
Promoting well nourished - healthy skin
Improving circulation of blood + lymph
Improving immune system functioning

Swedish massage
1 hr $80/ 90 min $110
Swedish massage can relax muscles, increase circulation and remove metabolic waste products. The classic massage working to promote relaxation, lymphatic drainage and improved tone.
Aromatherapy massage 1 hr $90/ 90 min $120
Choose the aromatherapy essential oil that's right for you. Options include "Stimulating," "Reviving" and "Relaxing." The essential oil you select will be used in a deeply relaxing Swedish massage and energy balance.
Stone Therapy  1 hr $100 / 90 min $135
Make your relaxing massage more deeply rewarding with warmed river rocks. You'll feel their soothing energy seep into your body.
Pregnancy Massage 1 hr $80/ 90 min $110
Take care of your baby by pampering yourself! This gentle and thorough massage is tailored to the special needs of expectant mothers, melting away the aches and pains of pregnancy.
Reflexology $1 per. min.
Reflexology is the practice of stimulating points of the feet and hands thru pressure, stretch and movement to have beneficial effect on corresponding parts of the body. Reflexology views the hands and feet as mirror images of the body. By applying techniques I can break up patterns of stress in other parts of the body. You can add 15-30 min treatment to your chair or include it in your table massage.

Relief Massage
Deep Tissue Massage 1hr $85/ 90 min $115
For those days when you need an extra-firm healing touch. The Deep Tissue Massage chases away all of your tension spots, going deeper into your muscle tissue.
Sports Massage 1hr $85/ 90 min $115
Used primarily for the serious athlete who trains continuously. It focuses on the muscles relevant to the particular athletic activity. It also includes pre-event, post-event and maintenance techniques that promote greater athletic endurance, performance, and lessen chances of injury and reduce recovery time.
Cyclists Massage 1hr $85/ 90 min $115
Ideal for those putting in too many miles, this massage focuses on relieving tension in lower legs, neck, back and shoulders. Includes the application of pain relieving gel where needed.
Golfer’s Relief Massage 1hr $85/ 90 min $115
This massage focuses on muscles specific to the golfer. A combination of techniques, such as stretching, sports massage and deep pressure, are used to decrease tension and increase flexibility.
Aromatherapy Hot Neck Towel $  5.00
Hot Towel Foot Wrap $10.00
Magnesium Oil Massage for Muscle Pain Relief $15.00
Olive Gold 03 Massage for Pain Relief, Detox and Moisture $20.00
Solar Tough Laser Therapy for Chronic Pain Relief $20.00

Pamper yourself in the luxury & comfort of your home, office, or our Wellsbranch studio. Serving Pflugerville, Round Rock, and the greater Austin area.

For more information call Roy at 971-8234 for info on chair massages at your work or table massages in your home.